My daughter is hiding everything I make

Well, I wish I had some pictures to show you of the things I have made this week. I made my first Trouble Keeper, thanks to a magazine called Mollie Makes I played with wool felt and made a felt bird key ring and after cleaning the garage I found my Felted Zombies book and made my first Zombie bunny out of felt. This morning, I wanted to take photo’s of them, the good ( the key ring and the trouble keeper) and the bad ( Zombie Bunny) however, my daughter has hidden them. 

The trouble started early this week when I finished my first Trouble Maker but decided it just wasn’t quite right, no personality, and so I set it up where I could see it several times a day until I was inspired with what personality it was telling me. Well, Lilly, my  daughter who just turned 5 decided it was perfect and really wanted to keep it. Well, I couldn’t tell her no because she seemed to love it so much. 

Before starting the next Trouble Keeper, I had this project that came free with issue number 26 of Mollie Makes just waiting for me, so I did it. I was a bit intimidated by using felt as I have only experienced the cheap polyester felt and never cared for it. However, when I opened it and realized that this 100% wool felt was much nicer, it was stiffer and did not shed I became excited and within a couple of hours ( I have 3 kids so I get interrupted a lot plus I made a mistake where I had to take apart one side of the bird completely) I had an adorable bird key ring. Well, Lilly also thought it was adorable and I told her she could look at it but couldn’t keep it because I wanted to proudly wear it on my key ring. Well, it’s missing now. 

Okay, well I was inspired by felt and went searching for my book I bought a few years ago about Felt Zombies. I had to clean out my garage in order to find it, but alas I found it! Since I have not been able to find any wool felt in my area and did not want to wait for it to be mailed to me, I bought the cheap polyester type. After 2 hours I had a relatively cute zombie bunny ( and I learned not to even bother with the polyester felt, the wool felt is much better). However this morning when I went to take a pictures of all these things, I could not find them. When Lilly wakes up, as I know for a fact that she is hiding them somewhere, I will attempt to get her to confess and bring me these small treasures so that I can take photos. 

Anyone else have the problem of you’re kids wanting almost everything you make? Right now, it’s a problem however I know that my kids will get older and won’t give two hoots about what I made, right now they love them and I love them so I guess it’s not so much of a problem after all. 


Trying something new and out of my comfort zone, but SOOO excited!

ImageShhhhh….I am trying something new and could use tips and suggestions from more experienced artists, quilters and designers. 

Okay, I am so excited to start this project. It’s a special gift for someone special in my life (okay, I think I want one too) and I have it planned in my head. First, I have to deal with copywrite stuff. So, I know that I could not sell something like this, I am using someone elses pictures but what choice do I have! I LOVE THE SHOW the WALKING DEAD and so does my aunt. I have searched and searched for Walking Dead Fabric and really not surprised, I can not find it, so I have to make i myself. Since I am making this for personal use only and have no plans to sell it, I suppose it is okay to do. So, here is my idea. 

First, I cut and tape a piece of fabric to a 8.5 by 11 piece of paper and put it into my printer. I find the picture I like and since all I have is a black and white laser printer, I convert the picture to black and white and size it then print it. I did this several times with different pictures and most turned out GREAT! Some however where to dark. After I had about 11 of them printed, I did my “wash test” and guess what…all the ink washed away. I did some research and found that I need to head set the ink. Okay, so I think I learned to do that and was going to print out only 1 picture and heat set it, then test it through the wash again, however I came up with a different idea. So, here is where I might need some tips and suggestions because this is something I have never tried before but am so excited to try it. 

Today or tomorrow, as soon as I can,I am going to take one of the pictures and again, convert it to black and white using photoshop but I am not going to stop there. I am then going to take the black and white photo and again using photoshop I am going to convert the picture into a pencil sketch. THEN I will print it. 

Next, my plan is to hand embroider each pictures over the ink on the fabric and using mostly black thread on a cream colored fabric but also I want to be able to “shade it” and give it a touch of color here and there, for example a bloody scar I will use red thread, but dried blood is more of a brownish red color, and I don’t want to add a bright color to a mostly monocromatic quilt, I might stick to only a few colors, such as black, grey, and browns. 

I probably will not be able to devote any real time to this project until next week after my mother in law leaves, however I am really excited for this project. I am hoping I understand copywrite laws correctly and this is okay to do if it’s for personal use only…trust me, if they made Walking Dead Fabric, I would jump on it! 

If anyone can give me hints, tips and suggestions on how to make this successful, I would greatly appreciate it as I only have 4 months to make it ( shhhh…it’s a birthday present for a birthday that just HAPPENS to coincide with the return of season 4!!!