Happy at Last!

Happy at Last!

This is Sam. Two days ago she was telling me how sad she was because she wasn’t pretty enough. Well, I have been talking to her and we went on a long walk through the forest and we talked. She had never been in the forest before and it made her so happy! She forgot all about trying to be someone she isn’t and found something that makes her happy, NATURE! She found a leaf with a lady bug on it and an acorn. They are her treasures and she loves them so much! She just doesn’t care about trying look like a girl, just call her Sam. She loves to be outside all the time looking for new treasures. She will be on Etsy within a few minutes.


Please meet Sam

Please meet Sam

Meet Sam, soon she will be my newest addition on my Etsy shop. She is still missing something but I am not sure exactly what yet, but I know she needs something feminine. She was born with dark blue gingham skin and and feels like she looks like a boy. I added outstretched arms because she really needs a hug to feel pretty. She prefers to be called Samantha, however everyone just calls her Sam whether she likes it or not. She really wants to be pretty but she whispered to me that she feels very plain and ordinary. I of course told her she was beautiful just the way she is but it just doesn’t seem to help her. She does not want to be put on ETSY until she looks more like a girl, so I promised her I would find just the perfect thing for her. Look for her soon at


Why I named it BadStitches

Hello and welcome to my blog. I should start by telling a little about myself. My name is Amy and I am a stay at home mom of three beautiful children. They are beautiful, when they are not fighting with each other and when they are sleeping. I’m just kidding of course. My kids are great, my oldest is Hunter who is 11, then their is Zack who is 6 and finally Lilly who is 4. My husband works for a furniture company and he works long hours. 

Next year my daughter will start school and I have been thinking about all the time I will FINALLY have to myself. So, I decided to start an Etsy shop. I opened it on January 31 and two weeks ago I had my first sale, then another and then another! What a wonderful feeling to know that someone liked the stuff that I made enough to buy it! I was so excited and that really inspired me to keep going and built more inventory. 

The reason it’s name is BadStitches is because, well, I am bad at sewing. I practice and practice but it’s very discouraging when you work so hard at something only to find it full of flaws. One day, about 3 years ago I was in Barnes and Noble and discovered a magazine called “Stuffed”. It was so great I bought it and took it home and read it from cover to cover. I ordered the two back issues that were available and I have been buying ever issue ever since. 

What I loved so much about this magazine was that the creatures inside it were weird, strange, some seemingly perfect and some not so perfect, and those are the ones I fell in love with. It really got me thinking that sometimes, things do not have to be perfect to be wonderful and fun. It also loosened me up and instead of thinking sewing is hard work, ( which it is) it can be fun, REALLY fun!

Though I will never stop learning and practicing and always doing the best that I can, it can be fun and playful and by not being so perfect, it’s a unique one of a kind item. Each creature I make are not really beautiful they are unique and they come with a story. So, I named my shop BadStitches because being bad is really fun sometimes!

You don’t have to be perfect to make wonderful items, you just have to enjoy it. Image