No, I am not bored.

Yesterday, my husband asked a simple question. “Aren’t you bored with that yet?” Oh course not. I suppose I asked the same thing of my mother, watching her sit in her chair with a special light over her and a small table next to her as she would spend hours and hours of time cross stitching. Well, I have thought about my husbands question and it does seem rather tedious to be making hundreds of X’s over and over again, sorting through colors and counting stitches. To a non-stitched, I suppose it seems boring. So, why don’t I get bored with it?

It’s the colors I think. It’s so wonderful seeing the beautiful colors pop off the white canvas, like paint. It’s almost magical to see the pattern come together to create beautiful picture and to make something that will be around for years to come.I will wait and be patient and then look forward to seeing and hearing my family’s reaction when at last I have finished this project. It is coming together beautifully and I am enjoying the stitching. So, the next time he ask’s me that question, and he will, I will simply say, “no, I am not bored.”Image


Creating a new doll

Yesterday I began making a soft doll. Usually I love making creatures such as owls and bats, every now and then I really like to try new things. I am really bad at following patterns and so I usually just make it up as I go. I started by cutting out her basic body parts and making sure they are all the right size to go together. 

Next, I made her face. I sewed on the blue of her eyes using an old satin nightgown that I no longer fit into sadly, but thought it had a nice shimmer to it that would enhance her eyes. I made my first mistake by trying to use a fancy decorative stitch on two delicate materials and ended up ripping a hole in her face, so I had to redo it. This time I used a simple zig zag stitch that worked well. I then stitched her nose and stitched the outline of her lips. I painted her lips and after they were dry I stitched the outline again or a bit of definition. 

Next I sewed her head to her body and some how got the wrong sides sewn together. It was okay though since I managed to find a way to correct the problem. I then sewed together her legs and arms and I got the body put together. Though she doesn’t look like much now, today I get to do the fun part, give her a personality. Using embellisments I am looking foward to seeing who she will be as her personality begins to shine through. 

Sometimes with my creations, they turn out great and sometimes not so great. The important thing I believe is learning from mistakes, using your imagination and having fun. Just because it does not turn out perfect, does not mean it is not wonderful. Sometimes it’s those imperfections that truly make something unique and wonderful. Never give up!Image