Its finally finished!

It’s finally finished! I am so proud of it. I have to admit, when I started this, what 4 weeks ago I believe, I wasn’t sure I could finish it. I thought I might just get bored. But hour after hour for weeks on end, I stitched and could no stop. Watching the colors pop off the plain white fabric and turn into a beautiful picture that just pops, well, I loved every minute of it. I put in the last cross stitch last night and I spent today cutting and ironing and manged to get it quilted together. I am very proud of it and am excited to start my next project. Image


Patience and Patterns

Oh what a weekend! As a stay at home mom, I say TGIM! This weekend I started a new project. It’s probably not going to be something I put on ETSY and it will take weeks to finish. What I will gain from it is patients. I started a cross stitch lap quilt. 

I have done one of these before, when I was pregnant with my first son and I spent weeks cross stitching it, only to never finish it, I never did the quilting part of it and so all I had was a quilt top. The other day while thinking of what to do next, I came across this pattern and knowing with my mother’s cross stitch threads so neatly organized I would have all the needed colors. My mother was a fantastic cross Image. What I am working on, I am sure she would consider it a “cheating cross stitch” meaning that on the fabric is the little X’s needed for the pattern. I have tried cross stitching the “good way” many times, but it is incredibly difficult, all the counting and tiny little holes and all of the shades! Ugh! I always loose my place and make many mistakes, get frustrated and quit the project in frustration. However these “pre-printed” projects, I enjoy. 

I named my ETSY shop BadStitches, cause I am bad at hand stitches, but really, it’s only because I haven’t really tried. Well, that’s not true, I do try, I just need practice. I figured when I saw this old and forgotten project in the trunk, I knew this is what I need to be patient and to follow a pattern. It’s more of a training myself to be more observant of the importance of keeping the stitches neat and tidy and remember than following a pattern is a good thing!