Adding new items

Today I added 4 new items to my shop. I love these hats and scarves and making them remind me of home and the cold weather approaching.

I always get a bit nervous adding new items, but I get even more nervous when I receive an order. All those negative thoughts come into my head. Will they like it? Will they hate it? Will they find flaws and then get angry? After I ship I eagerly wait to hear from my customer.

Well, here they are, my new hat and scarf sets and I hope people like them!ImageImageImageImage


Thinking of opening a second shop in Etsy

I am considering opening a second shop on Etsy. My current one focuses mostly on weird creatures and fun crazy stuff but I have recently been making things out of yarn, scarves and booties and I really enjoy making things like that. My thinking is that a shop for cold weather items, which is much different from my current shop and since they are so different I thought a rather than just making one shop full of all my stuff, it might be better to separate them. 

Can anyone give any tips or what their experiences are, pro’s, con’s? What do you guys think?