Happy at Last!

Happy at Last!

This is Sam. Two days ago she was telling me how sad she was because she wasn’t pretty enough. Well, I have been talking to her and we went on a long walk through the forest and we talked. She had never been in the forest before and it made her so happy! She forgot all about trying to be someone she isn’t and found something that makes her happy, NATURE! She found a leaf with a lady bug on it and an acorn. They are her treasures and she loves them so much! She just doesn’t care about trying look like a girl, just call her Sam. She loves to be outside all the time looking for new treasures. She will be on Etsy within a few minutes.


Please meet Sam

Please meet Sam

Meet Sam, soon she will be my newest addition on my Etsy shop. She is still missing something but I am not sure exactly what yet, but I know she needs something feminine. She was born with dark blue gingham skin and and feels like she looks like a boy. I added outstretched arms because she really needs a hug to feel pretty. She prefers to be called Samantha, however everyone just calls her Sam whether she likes it or not. She really wants to be pretty but she whispered to me that she feels very plain and ordinary. I of course told her she was beautiful just the way she is but it just doesn’t seem to help her. She does not want to be put on ETSY until she looks more like a girl, so I promised her I would find just the perfect thing for her. Look for her soon at


Feeling Discouraged

Fibers and Fabrics

Fibers and Fabrics

It has been 7 months since I have had a sale on Etsy. Around Thanksgiving, I admit, I gave up. I felt like I just don’t have the creativity to be able to create “works of art”. I don’t have the skills. I am just not good enough. Plus with all of the holiday craziness, well, I just stopped.
But, you know what, I don’t WANT to stop. I want to keep getting better! The kids all went back to school today and the house is a disaster, I am a disaster and I am exhausted. Today I am going to start fresh, well, not completely but I am going to start learning, start practicing and just keep at it.
I am going back to what I originally had planned.I am going to only sell weird creatures! I am going to take off my pillowcases and send them all in to a charity that is mostly for kids, but maybe they can still use the. I am going to remove all my hats and scarves and give them away to the kids in the neighborhood because for Texas, it’s cold and the kids here just are not used to it and its cold at the bus stop in the morning.

Today, I am going to rest, shower, watch TV and eat. I am going out to the garage randomly when I need to stretch and start the cleaning and de-cluttering process 5 minutes at a time. I am going to start the next section in the online class I am taking on sewing and will read all about fabrics today. And, I may just make some cookies for when the kids get home this afternoon.

Adding new items

Today I added 4 new items to my shop. I love these hats and scarves and making them remind me of home and the cold weather approaching.

I always get a bit nervous adding new items, but I get even more nervous when I receive an order. All those negative thoughts come into my head. Will they like it? Will they hate it? Will they find flaws and then get angry? After I ship I eagerly wait to hear from my customer.

Well, here they are, my new hat and scarf sets and I hope people like them!ImageImageImageImage

Thinking of opening a second shop in Etsy

I am considering opening a second shop on Etsy. My current one focuses mostly on weird creatures and fun crazy stuff but I have recently been making things out of yarn, scarves and booties and I really enjoy making things like that. My thinking is that a shop for cold weather items, which is much different from my current shop and since they are so different I thought a rather than just making one shop full of all my stuff, it might be better to separate them. 

Can anyone give any tips or what their experiences are, pro’s, con’s? What do you guys think? 

Trouble Keepers

Well, summer is over and for the first time, all three of my children are back to school. During the summer the house was loud and chaotic but in the midst of everything, I did get a few things made, not much, but I did create a few new things for my Etsy shop.  I also did a bit of experimenting with different crafts here and there. I think the craft that I really enjoyed was needle felting. I managed to make a really strange scary looking felted bird. The kit I bought had everything you needed to make a panda, well, mine turned into a scary baby penguin. Though it is nothing I can put up on my Etsy and only my cat seems to love it, he has hidden it somewhere I think, I really enjoyed attempting something new and different. 

I also attempted my hand at making quilted coasters which did turn out very cute, at least I think so. I attempted to learn “free motion quilting” which is quite a bit harder to do than what it looks like from the sewing shows I watch make it look. 

I did add a couple of new critters called Trouble Keepers in which have a pocket and you can write you’re trouble (such as a fear or worry or a broken heart) on a little piece of paper and put it into their pocket where the Trouble Keeper will keep it safe until you are ready to face you’re trouble head on. The creature I have here is The Fear Keeper, you can write you’re fear down and he will keep it for you until you are ready to face it. 

Now that my house is almost clean again, I can soon get back to work creating new creatures and experimenting with new techniques. I think I shall continue to practice wool felting as it is fun and relaxing to do. 


Just a few more days….

It’s that time of year again! The kids are going back to school. This year my youngest child, my daughter is going to start Kindergarten. I have several worries, like will she be scared without me? Will she find her way to her class from the bus in the mornings and get home safely? Then of course, there is the worry about school shootings.  I believe my children’s schools are as safe as they can be, with locked doors inside the school doors so the person coming in has to get permission from the office to come inside. Plus the local Swat Teams, police and I think even the military did training in each of the schools in our district, but still I worry. 

However, for myself I can’t help be feel a little selfish. For the first time in 11 years, I will have time for me again. I have several goals and one of those are to start taking better care of myself, eating right and working out every day. I plan to spend a lot more time on my Etsy shop by adding new creations and improving my skills and expanding my creativity. Also, I have a part time job I work from home where I can answer phone calls for various telephone commercials and take orders. 

It’s been a very long summer. As my children continue to grow, our home is getting smaller and smaller and it’s been impossible to keep it clean, so I will have to spend all of next week getting the house back in ship shape (well, close anyway) condition and maybe even taking a nap here and there. 

School starts in only a few days and tonight is Meet the Teachers Night. Its a bittersweet time because I have gotten used to having my kids with me all the time day and night and soon, I will be alone during the day, my kids off doing their own thing again. Sigh….as much as I am looking forwardImage to a clean and quiet house during the day, I sure am going to miss them.