A New Doll

My new sewing machine is working like a dream! For a few days I spent working on my doll. I have tried one of these dolls a couple of years ago and I just couldn’t get her to look right, but this time I know a little bit more about sewing and how things go together. I really think she is coming along really well so far. I am very excited to watch her come together. 

I decided to take a break and today I made a curtain for my window. It’s not all the way finished, and I still have another one to make for the living room but once I get them both up and hanging, I will show you what they look like. 

I am so excited for my doll to come together. My sewing machine is really doing great and I have yet had to re-thread it because it breaks or knots up! Woo-hoo! ImageD



Creating my doll part 2

Here I have the doll completed, almost. I added some clothes for her and today I learned how to add her hair thanks to an awesome and simple video I found on YouTube from TheFancyDolls. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4VgS2IUMYw

She made it look so easy. I followed her wonderful instructions ( thank you so much!) and I did it! As I said, my doll is finished, almost. She doesn’t really have much of a personality yet so I put it up on the shelf where I can look at if for a day or two, maybe three. My first thought was to “zombie-fy her”, after all, I still had the season finale from the Walking Dead in my head. However, she just doesn’t seem the type. Prim and proper is more her style.

I am considering ageing her a bit by dying her in black coffee. I have had great success with that technique and it’s fun. I am also considering adding a defined chin with some hand stitches and a few other details to her face and body. I would love to here any suggestions and recommendations on what I should do with her next. Should I…

1. Zombie-fy her?

2. Age her?

3. Add more details?

Any other ideas or suggestions would be wonderful. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day. Image