Its finally finished!

It’s finally finished! I am so proud of it. I have to admit, when I started this, what 4 weeks ago I believe, I wasn’t sure I could finish it. I thought I might just get bored. But hour after hour for weeks on end, I stitched and could no stop. Watching the colors pop off the plain white fabric and turn into a beautiful picture that just pops, well, I loved every minute of it. I put in the last cross stitch last night and I spent today cutting and ironing and manged to get it quilted together. I am very proud of it and am excited to start my next project. Image


What a week!

What a week! Really, I have nothing exciting or interesting to share here today, but I want to get into the habit of posting so I must stop my cross stitch project for a few minutes and blog. Last week was incredibly eventful not in a good way for our country and I am hoping this week is very uneventful. The town of West, Tx is about 18 miles from where I live and I feel so awful for those people. I saw on the news today that they have a curfew, they have to stay in their homes from 7pm to 7am. They didn’t really say why though. Also, 350 homes have no water and the entire town has a boil water warning. They do not know when they will have safe and clean water again as many seals on the underground pipes where damaged during the explosion. 

As for me, I have been cross stitching the top to a lap quilt and I am getting close to finishing the top, the end is in sight. My kids have 6 weeks of school left and summer vacation is starting to work it’s way into their heads. Homework is getting harder to get to, playing outside  for hours at a time for middle child who can not get enough of his friend Payton, who, apparently is the coolest kid in the neighborhood! My oldest son is longing to get monthly subscriptions to various on-line games again and to stay up all night playing them. My daughter is excited to have her brothers home again to play with. 

My thoughts are with the people of Boston and the people of West, the memorial for the many firefighters that lost their lives will be on Thursday. I would like to take my children to it so they can understand what true hero’s they were, many of them were volunteers. 

Anyway, enjoy the day everyone because it is a beautiful one and tell you’re friends and family how much they mean to you. If I can find the link to the town of West, I know they are in need of gift cards for those people in the town that were asked to get rid of all food products for fear of contamination. If I can find the link, I will post it. It’s difficult to find just because of the towns name. Image

No, I am not bored.

Yesterday, my husband asked a simple question. “Aren’t you bored with that yet?” Oh course not. I suppose I asked the same thing of my mother, watching her sit in her chair with a special light over her and a small table next to her as she would spend hours and hours of time cross stitching. Well, I have thought about my husbands question and it does seem rather tedious to be making hundreds of X’s over and over again, sorting through colors and counting stitches. To a non-stitched, I suppose it seems boring. So, why don’t I get bored with it?

It’s the colors I think. It’s so wonderful seeing the beautiful colors pop off the white canvas, like paint. It’s almost magical to see the pattern come together to create beautiful picture and to make something that will be around for years to come.I will wait and be patient and then look forward to seeing and hearing my family’s reaction when at last I have finished this project. It is coming together beautifully and I am enjoying the stitching. So, the next time he ask’s me that question, and he will, I will simply say, “no, I am not bored.”Image

Patience and Patterns

Oh what a weekend! As a stay at home mom, I say TGIM! This weekend I started a new project. It’s probably not going to be something I put on ETSY and it will take weeks to finish. What I will gain from it is patients. I started a cross stitch lap quilt. 

I have done one of these before, when I was pregnant with my first son and I spent weeks cross stitching it, only to never finish it, I never did the quilting part of it and so all I had was a quilt top. The other day while thinking of what to do next, I came across this pattern and knowing with my mother’s cross stitch threads so neatly organized I would have all the needed colors. My mother was a fantastic cross Image. What I am working on, I am sure she would consider it a “cheating cross stitch” meaning that on the fabric is the little X’s needed for the pattern. I have tried cross stitching the “good way” many times, but it is incredibly difficult, all the counting and tiny little holes and all of the shades! Ugh! I always loose my place and make many mistakes, get frustrated and quit the project in frustration. However these “pre-printed” projects, I enjoy. 

I named my ETSY shop BadStitches, cause I am bad at hand stitches, but really, it’s only because I haven’t really tried. Well, that’s not true, I do try, I just need practice. I figured when I saw this old and forgotten project in the trunk, I knew this is what I need to be patient and to follow a pattern. It’s more of a training myself to be more observant of the importance of keeping the stitches neat and tidy and remember than following a pattern is a good thing!