Its been a while….

It’s been a long while since I have blogged. I can’t decide if it’s been because I have been too busy with three kids and school, trying to keep things organized and making sure everyone is where they are supposed to be with what they are supposed to have, or possibly just too tired and when I get down time I just chill in front of the TV and my iP

hone, or possibly just have not been inspired recently. I suppose I haven’t really been inspired lately. I haven’t sold anything on Etsy and every project I attempt seems to fail.

I recently decided to enroll in a sewing class that is quiet extensive and I am excited to begin the class. It will teach me how to read patterns, how to make clothing. Though I prefer making weird and unique creatures, freehand or on the fly as one of my children is always saying lately, I have the upmost confidence that this class will teach me many things, inspire me and give me goals. Anyone else taken classes just to break out of a creative block? Let me know what you do to get out of those ruts. Come on, I need some inspiration and motivation!


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