Trouble Keepers

Well, summer is over and for the first time, all three of my children are back to school. During the summer the house was loud and chaotic but in the midst of everything, I did get a few things made, not much, but I did create a few new things for my Etsy shop.  I also did a bit of experimenting with different crafts here and there. I think the craft that I really enjoyed was needle felting. I managed to make a really strange scary looking felted bird. The kit I bought had everything you needed to make a panda, well, mine turned into a scary baby penguin. Though it is nothing I can put up on my Etsy and only my cat seems to love it, he has hidden it somewhere I think, I really enjoyed attempting something new and different. 

I also attempted my hand at making quilted coasters which did turn out very cute, at least I think so. I attempted to learn “free motion quilting” which is quite a bit harder to do than what it looks like from the sewing shows I watch make it look. 

I did add a couple of new critters called Trouble Keepers in which have a pocket and you can write you’re trouble (such as a fear or worry or a broken heart) on a little piece of paper and put it into their pocket where the Trouble Keeper will keep it safe until you are ready to face you’re trouble head on. The creature I have here is The Fear Keeper, you can write you’re fear down and he will keep it for you until you are ready to face it. 

Now that my house is almost clean again, I can soon get back to work creating new creatures and experimenting with new techniques. I think I shall continue to practice wool felting as it is fun and relaxing to do. 



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