Just a few more days….

It’s that time of year again! The kids are going back to school. This year my youngest child, my daughter is going to start Kindergarten. I have several worries, like will she be scared without me? Will she find her way to her class from the bus in the mornings and get home safely? Then of course, there is the worry about school shootings.  I believe my children’s schools are as safe as they can be, with locked doors inside the school doors so the person coming in has to get permission from the office to come inside. Plus the local Swat Teams, police and I think even the military did training in each of the schools in our district, but still I worry. 

However, for myself I can’t help be feel a little selfish. For the first time in 11 years, I will have time for me again. I have several goals and one of those are to start taking better care of myself, eating right and working out every day. I plan to spend a lot more time on my Etsy shop by adding new creations and improving my skills and expanding my creativity. Also, I have a part time job I work from home where I can answer phone calls for various telephone commercials and take orders. 

It’s been a very long summer. As my children continue to grow, our home is getting smaller and smaller and it’s been impossible to keep it clean, so I will have to spend all of next week getting the house back in ship shape (well, close anyway) condition and maybe even taking a nap here and there. 

School starts in only a few days and tonight is Meet the Teachers Night. Its a bittersweet time because I have gotten used to having my kids with me all the time day and night and soon, I will be alone during the day, my kids off doing their own thing again. Sigh….as much as I am looking forwardImage to a clean and quiet house during the day, I sure am going to miss them. 


Artful Blogging

Artful Blogging

I bought this wonderful and inspiring magazine at my local Barnes and Noble just a few days ago and I have read it cover to cover and loved it! Though I have hardly blogged at all this summer ( my children have held all three computers hostage during the summer) this magazine has given me a lot of inspiration and a lot of blogs to find and follow. I especially loved the very first article ” Batches of Hearts” by Vivienne McMaster and I strongly encourage everyone to read it because it touched me deeply, much more than I expected it would.

The only magazines I buy anymore are from Stampington and Company. I especially loved “Stuffed” and ” Art Doll” and though I have not bough “Prims” yet, it is definitely on my wish list.

From now on, I am a big fan of the Artful Blogger and I am really going to work on building a better blog for myself ( once my kids go back to school of course ).