Going back to what I love to make

For the last few weeks I have been working to improve my sewing skills. I have been working hard on a baby blanket that took two months and the finished product I have deemed not worthy of giving as a gift. I just can’t get the binding straight. Well, I was so frustrated by this and upset at myself that for the following days I put away all my sewing magazines and just played on my new iphone and watched TV.  I thought about all the time I had invested and for a few days, my disappointment in myself kept me down. 

Luckily, it didn’t last long. I sold another one of my creatures on Etsy, a returning customer actually that bought her second one! Also, I found my old issues of my favorite magazine that got me inspired to begin with, Stuffed, and started looking threw them again. I decided to stop trying to teach myself to quilt and go back to what I love, weird creatures. Last night I started making the first in a new collection and though I am not positive I will call them this, I have come up with the name The Trouble Keepers. They are weird creatures that each have a pocket and in that pocket you can write down you’re troubles and put them in the pocket and the Trouble Keepers can stash away you’re anger, you’re worries, you’re heartbreak or anything else you can think of. And, if you so choose, you can use a pin and stab the pocket and you’re trouble, ( that’s mostly for the angry troubles) away. Not to worry, they are tough and they can take it!

I have developed the pattern and the body of the first one and is put together, but I am choosing not to post a photo at this time until I can bring out the personality they have hidden deep within themselves. 

I have decided that even though quilting is an amazing art, perhaps it’s just not for me after all. Perhaps creating one of a kind monsters to brighten someone’s day is more my style. I don’t think I truly have the patience for large projects anyway. So, I am going back to what I love, weird things!


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